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Who am I

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Why did I start doing lashes?

If you didn't know my name is Jessie Smith. Owner of Le Beauty Room. Other then being a Lash Artist, I’m a strong woman, a mother and a wife.

Before all this, I was working in an engineer firm and I always wanted to become a probation officer or lawyer (Well that didn't work lol, school wasn’t for me and I would suck at this too!

With the years, I knew I wasn‘t in the right field, I always had a strong obsession in the beauty industry and at the time, I didn't really know what to do or if I wanted to invest my time in an industry so unsure. I wanted something that could bring stability to my family first!

Then, out of no where, I heard that lash extensions was gaining in popularity and decided to give it a shot. I started doing lash extensions about 4 years ago and it really is until this day, a blessing.

Throughout the years, I have learned so much and my hunger to go after more is always growing.

For a long time, I thought that being a lash artist was only to glue on lashes on clients and that's it, but I realized I am not ''only'' that. I am also a psychologist, an awesome listener and of good support for the women who come see me. I decided to take my job even more seriously by motivating & empowering women more and more. I want to push myself to more everytime I feel to comfortable! I have to ability to go throufg change and adapt quickly! So Let’s build more. WAY MORE! 

Stay connected to read more about the lash industry, tips, myth and facts & so much more. You need help with something ? Don't be shy, write to me and I will try my best to help you !

Jessie Smith owner of Le Beauty Room

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