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Le Beauty Room & Le American dream

Welcome back on my blog!

It took me a few time to write back on this blog. My life has been very chaotic lately!

As few of you already know, we finally moved to Atlanta!

A year and half of anxiety, tears, laugh, wait & FAITH!

We finally arrived in early February & we have been adjusting slowly since then. After a month of slowing things down, learning how to get my way around, adjusting to the language well, more like adjusting to the accent than anything else (Real talk!) I am now ready to start doing what I do the best! LASHING!

With the help of my AMAZING husband, I am slowly getting ready to receive women from the ATL area! How dope this sound y'all! This tall woman doing lashes in the south shore of Montreal is now offering services in the United States (Insert *This girl is on fire* by Alicia Keys)

If you really know me, you should know that this is only the beginning, a small step toward big dream. This fresh start will definitely get bigger as the days/weeks/months continues to come. I have multiple new ideas in my head who will gradually come alive as I process this incredible journey here with my family.

I want to thank all of you, who helped my growth during 4 years as a Lash Artist back home. I miss every single one of you! You made my passion grow one lash at the time.

Please and as always stay tune for new blogs & adventure of Le Beauty Room .co

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With Love

Jessie Smith

Le Beauty Room .co

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